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Cj Contractor Services

Cj Contractor Services is dedicated to offering benefits and opportunities to individuals seeking to start businesses, contract and gig workers, small businesses, subcontractors, entrepreneurs and 1099 workers.

About Us

Our Mission

America was built by dreamers and entrepreneurship but over time big businesses has slowly taken over. Not that big businesses are bad, every company has a part to play in the success story of America, but not everyone fits in to the 9 to 5 box people are taught to accept as success. Starting your own business or being self employed can be a scary and risky endeavor, especially if nobody has your back – that’s where we come in.

What We Do to Help

Offer Benefits

Big business have the advantage of offering health insurance and retirement benefits to recruit employees, it’s increasingly hard for small businesses to compete. Even harder for self employed to obtain quality health protection and save for retirement. Cj Contractor Services offers affordable benefits to small business and 1099 workers.

Assist with Starting a Business

Cj Contractor Services knows starting a business can be difficult and we’re here to help. From incorporation and marketing to turnkey startups, we offer consulting and all inclusive solutions to being your own boss.

Contact us today by messaging 832-464-4143 or email to schedule a free consultation.


Our customers say:

Cj offers quality services at affordable prices and insure our contractors are the best trained, fully licensed and insured, and have all the support they need to guarantee customers a satisfactory service at an affordable price, every time or your money back.

Mark Rogers

Cj Contractor Services took the guesswork out of starting a business and being my own boss!

Lj Davis


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